About Me

On a Serious Note

Imagine you and I are sitting at my coffee table. It’s round and wooden in my kitchen nook. Coffee and tea and cookies on the table…even a little fruit in case your healthy.

I would sit here and tell you I’m here to be your friend and encourage you, although I am fiercely honest I do have tact…I have dreams and those dreams have been knocked out of my arms so many times…but I keep dreaming anyway.

You would see my house is slightly messy but clean… Legos in every room…writing on the walls…children running and playing…and I hope to make you smile.

Perhaps you might ask me a question or two and I would answer with candor because that is who I am…candid.

Laughter keeps me going. Our Children and Grandchildren and husband (4th marriage…) are my world…

What won’t you see when you spend time here with me? You might not see the anxiety or tears of self doubt. You might not realize that I’ve battled my weight my entire life. You also might not see that I am trying every day to just keep on keeping on…putting one foot in front of the other even when I am exhausted.

Let’s encourage each other. We are Moms and Grandparents and Fathers…we are rich or poor.. we are here or there… but we are all Gods creatures and we are here to be kind.

So pull up a chair and come sit with me for awhile. Let’s talk.

Best wishes,

Nana ExtraOrdinary

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