It’s time

Self discovery is NOW.

2020 has been many things but a few good things happened with all these changes…like a deeper understanding. It’s never to late to get to know yourself. You matter.

Happy 4th of July America

We are still alive and physically healthy in our home. Many things have changed though. We are vegetarians now and working out in the back yard . Our neighbors bought a privacy fence for us…true story…because I think they got tired of how our yard has become an extension of our inside home😂.

We wear our masks in the store and everything is pretty much….different.

We are still smiling though and learning to appreciate all the new outdoor adventures. Tan is an understatement. The trampoline has been turned into our own private water park…the Legos are now built on the driveway….and honestly…I’m ok. I’m still ok.

So, I’m hoping your 4th of July is ok too. Everything is as you perceive it to be. I choose happiness.

Keep laughing, be kind, try to help people and please remember just because things are different doesn’t mean things are bad.

Masks on

My Promise

My promise to all of you,in this trying time of a world filled with fear over the Coronavirus , is laughter.

We here at NanaExtraOrdinary will do everything possible to keep your mind off germs 🦠 . We will make every attempt to install extra fear wipes in every corner of your mind and heart.

We have alerted our staff that along with extra hand washes we must have extra smiles.

Wish I could mail you all toilet paper and cleaning supplies in each package of laughs but I’m too busy searching for my own 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Keep smiling and have a super happy NanaExtraOrdinary day.