March 13th

One year ago I remember being at Karate class with 7. I was talking to other parents and everyone said schools out for two weeks. I said I know Spring Break is soon. They explained they got a call from the school about a virus and the school is taking precautions.

That was the last day of things as we knew it.

Faith and sense of humor has suffered. Mental health . Me time is basically gone.

But we keep on keeping on. I smiled to encourage others and tried to trick myself into actually feeling the smile. it eventually works.

How have you been through this past year? We have been greatly blessed in spite of it all and I will continue to focus on the blessings.

Now let me leave you with a smile of my epic Adulthood fail yesterday 😂

Apparently a big deal in my house.

One year

It’s been almost a year since the news hit that our school was closing. Play dates were canceled. Amazon became my new BFF. Life will never be the same but that’s a good thing, if you try the positive twist. I don’t take anything for granted anymore. Absolutely nothing. Not even the beautiful smell of a fresh purchased book for the kiddo.

My sense of humor has suffered a bit. I know that shall pass and be regained in time.

The kids are still smiling and we are healthy so our family has much to be thankful for.

In the meantime of waiting to see what “the new normal” will be I remembered I was never “normal” nor did I live a “normal” life. Being called “extra” or even a bit “eccentric” may very well be what kept our family sane these past 12 months.

Keep smiling, keep laughing, and have an extraordinary life .

-Nanaextraordinary 2021